Rescue Amazonian Rainforest


To protect the environment, is without doubt the biggest challenge, mankind is facing in the 21st century.

The problems of legal and illegal exploitation of earth, the consumption of oil, gas and coal and the uncontrolled industrialization threaten our nature and our own survival.

In connection with the “lung of the world” today it is very important to have an effective system of protected areas in place, which conserve the Amazon basin forever.

Our mission

The Amazon area can be described as the “lung of the world”, because it consumes large portions of CO2 and so balances the atmosphere of planet earth. The enormous destruction changes our world climate strongly.

Responsible for the destruction in this area are the wood and particullary the oil industry. They already own or have access to significant parts of the rain forests with a rising tendency.

Our objective is to protect the remaining rainforest against relentless destruchtion, by purchasing it privately, renting it in the long-term or by conserving land of the indigenous people, so that they can keep on caring it tenderly.

And this is in our opinion the most promising path.