Rescue Amazonian Rainforest

Initial project Peru: Reforestation

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Initial project Peru: Reforestation

The first purchase of rainforest has been made in Peru. Approximately 200 kms away from Cusco, the old capital of the Incas, situated between two big national parks of Peru.

The bordering park which was founded in 1973 is seen as “the last refuge” and its one of the most extensive and well preserved protected areas of the country Peru. Manu has with its 19000 square kilometers the size of the German state “Rheinland-Pfalz”. In the same year the UNESCO declared Manu as “biosphere reservation” and in 1987 it became World Natural Heritage.

To begin with “Magda´s land”, near Manu National park, has been acquired: 87 ha, full of forest, rivers and waterfalls – untouched nature. The land has been purchased and is being protected.

You can follow this example. All contacts for a purchase as well as all relevant information will be delivered.

The objective is to protect as much rainforest as possible in Peru and in a second step in other countries of South America. We provide organized expeditions (at cost) to interested persons, to feel and enjoy the untouched nature and to be convinced by the value of the potential investment.

Second project: Assistance for indigenous people

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Second project: Assistance for indigenous people

The tribe of the Q´eros is among the few living direct successors of the Incas. Because they live up to altitudes of 5.500m, the Spaniards could not reach them 500 years ago.

The roughly 4.000 today existing Q´eros did preserve their way of life, which is very close to nature. They live in five different communities and since years they are fighting for their land.

In a first step RESCUE AMAZONIAN RAINFOREST will support the Q´eros with an analysis of their legal situation.

The objective is to put all the debatable lands into the Q'eros' property. These are mostly untouched areas in the mountains of the Andes, which are extraordinary beautiful and for which the Q´eros take the responsibility of caring them tenderly.

This project was developed in July 2012 when Michael Curth met with Guillemo Pauccar Calsina, the entire president of the Marcacera community, who was overwhelmed by the support he gets from our organization.

Third project: GaiAma - We are wildlife

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Third project: GaiAma - We are wildlife

The founders and members of the GaiAma nature conservation organization are guarding big areas of rainforest in Perú. Cautious and with a lot of love and respect for the wildlife, they are integrating their small scale neighbourhood into nature and are growing their own food - without any chemicals and without any machines. They are growing their food with all seven layers of a forest and create permaculture gardens, with a high biodiversity. With their presence on the areas, they can effectively stop hunters or loggers from entering the rainforest area. They are living an example for a life in harmony with nature and work with interested people to inspire the world. From donations, they buy more jungle hectares, sometimes pristine, to preserve and sometimes degraded land, to reforest. Their goal is to create a reserve as a buffer zone to the national park.

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